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for all who asked for a pic of my new hair

here you go

i am going to live as best i can so here is to adventure!

all we need is the grooms.....

wedding post for the fun of it.

let's plan weddings for no apparent reasons



i just need your basics


Jun. 19th, 2010

so currently I'm dealing with being lonely. at age 20 going on 21 i have never been on a date or even asked out but that's okay because i am waiting for the one who is willing to court me and treat me with respect. still it doesn't mean I'm not lonely or afraid I'm not good enough.  there is a longing in me to settle down and have a family but i don't want to settle just to settle. i want to wait for the one that is right for me but sometimes i wonder why isn't easier? then i think that maybe just maybe we have to mature and grow before we can really meet or we won't be ready and it would fail . someday my love will come but for now I'll focus on other things until we meet. being lonely is a fact of life but i won't let it get me down.  :)
so i recently started writing my fiction works again as well as my music lyrics. i am currently working on at least six screen plays and a re-release of my old work . it's been a long time coming but i think  this will be well worth it.

a hard verse to write

so i wrote a verse to a song I'm working on.  i know it's not the best but it came from the heart. i wrote it for a friend who cuts herself and she doesn't know that i know about it but i wrote this anyway because she means so much to me as a friend . she probably won't see it but i need to get it out. hope it has some sort of good come from getting it out.

Your blood flows but there is no hope,

You say you are a friend to me but there is no reply only being denied,

Is it your pride that’s causing you to die and make you lie?

Why am I being denied when I know the blood flows when you think there is no hope?

You leave me out expecting me to lie and deny you maybe even crucify you but you don’t know the heart so you try and never tell from the get go but it hits so you never know where my heart flows,

I never denied only held my arms open wide saying you are loved even when you don’t think so,

My precious friend you are loved beyond compare even when the blood flows,

You just didn’t think so.


so recently i rediscovered my love of techno and trance. i am enjoying listening to all the music i have of it. kinda makes me miss my goth days lol but that's another time. i think I'm the only one outta my friends who like but it's some of my fave music so it's perfect for me. living it up old school!


so in better news

i  might be an events coordinator for a group i go to on Fridays. i think it would be fun so I'm praying it over but i do want to focus on my schoolwork too. which reminds me i have a ton of stuff to do now ! but hey at least the weather is getting better so I'm not as depressed.

singles awareness day...

singles awareness day aka valentines day......
oh how I realize how single I am on this day. my life is definitely is complicated in the romantic sense since I like one of my good guys friends who treats me like a sister to him. it hurts a little since i have  liked him for over a year and i have even had eleven straight days of dreaming i was married to him with ten kids. it makes me realize how much i need to get past it for my own sake but considering i have to see him every friday each week it sucks to try and forget. not to mention i have mere aquaintances trying to set me up on blind dates with people on their hall. it's driving me batty!

i want to scream at the top of my lungs "I'M SINGLE AND I DON'T FREAKING CARE ANYMORE" .........i don't care if i'm permanently single because it gives me more opportunity to do what i love ...... it still doesn't mean i'm not going to get sad when i see guys carrying around valentines stuff or talkinbg to their girlfriends. lonliness is my life and sadness a facet of it but i am comforted by God who has never abandoned me and i am loved by the people who won't let go of me. this is my life, single, lonely, loved,accepted and a little bit anti valentines -_-



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